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Fascinating Trout Lures

Trout fish

Every single fisherman knows the types of baits and which bait is best for what type of fish species. Every bait type works best depending upon the day weather conditions, Time of the year and water clarity also dept. It is worth knowing which bait type works best for trout fishing and should be in your trout lures.

There is a number of options for lure depends upon the distance how deep water you are choosing for fishing. Lure with flashy vibrant blades makes it irresistible for hungry trout fish. The bait design also lowers the chance of line twist and works together with the bait brass blade. Blade sparks in the water and attracts the trout with its lateral line and visuals.

Trout fish vertical position

There is a number of lures will discuss in this article.

  • Mepps Agila
  • Panther Martin
  • Rapala original
  • Acme Phoebe 
  • Acme Kastmaster
  • Luhr Jensen Krocodile 
  • Acme Little Cleo
  • Rebel Minnow
  • Rooster Tail

Panther Martin

The best bait for classic spinner trout is panther martin. The aligned blades in panther martin create a very unique feat. If we compare panther martin with other trout spinners it will dive deeper to target the trout in deep pools or rivers.

Rooster Tail

This lure type is very famous among others. It has the ability to catch trout when

they are feeding in silent waters on insects or nymphs. This is possible because of

its unique design and rear hook. rooster tail in the single hook is also available for those who catch fish in the stream. Also if you flat the barb it will cause little damage to fish

Rapala Original

Trout fishes in horizontal position

 This bait type is flattened and tiny in size and best when you are catch trout. It is also best in clear days But you can get the larger size 07 if you are fishing in darker water.

Blue Fox Vibrax

This is another best bait for the fisherman who catches fish in rivers or streams. It has a range of sizes and variety of colors. And it has a blue fox spinner that is best for any fishing venue.

Acme Phoebe

 This acme phoebe is best for small waters. It has gold color which is very effective in attracting trout

Mepps Aglia

This lure works best in rivers and streams. It has long-range of sizes and colors. Its classic French blade is great for catching trout

Acme Kastmaster

 It is heavy in size this quality enables it to hit long distances even in small size. The weight makes it heavy that let it go deep in water Due to this fish lives in deep water can be easily targeted

Acme Little Cleo

 This bait works in deep pools or in casting across the flow . with the help of this Bait you can cover a long distance in water within a day.

Rebel Minnow Lure

This bait targets deep down water depths. it helps to catch the trout lives in deep waters

Luhr Jensen Krocodile

  This bait is available in bright colors for dull days. It also best for days when water is running high.

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