Fishing Net: Choose The Perfect One To Enjoy Fishing

Fishing has a long history. The process of catching fish is called fishing. It started almost 40, 000 years ago. Now it is a profession and also people do it for fun and sport activity. You can catch fish in the wild and it requires great techniques and tools. Among all the tools best and effective one is Fishing net.

What Is A Fishing Net?

Fishing Net: Choose The Perfect One To Enjoy Fishing

This is thread knitted net used for fishing. Materials like nylon, cotton, woven used in grid shape to make the net. Also, some call these nets traps. Moreover, in past nets were made of woven or plant leaves. Afterward, cotton was introduced for net making.

Types Of Fishing Net

A castnet is a type used in sport fishing. It is made of solid net also one person can catch fish with this type of net. Its shape is oval or round.

Fishing Net: Choose The Perfect One To Enjoy Fishing

Coracle Nets

This type of net was used in past ancient days. Concave net is not in use these due to the advance inventions of other ones.

Bottom Trawling Fishing Net

This type of net can be used on the seafloor. Moreover, in the beginning, it was known as “dragging”. Thus, bottom trawling Isa net which you can use at the bottom of the ocean.

A Dragnet Fishnet

Dragnet or fishnet is referred to as seine fishing. Moreover, this net is made to surround the baits. This net can also use in shallow waters.

Driftnet Fishing

Drift-Net can be an open style of gillnet as well as gillnets are used in catching fish at entirely diverse depths. Thus, this can drift in open for targeted fish species. Modern drift nets can catch huge amounts of fish quickly.

A Drive-in Net

It is used in small scale in Japan for fishing.

A Fyke

Fyke is a kind of a fish trap. It has a long cylindrical net bag. Sometimes net cones are added to make entry easy and difficult exit.

Thus, Ghostnet is truly made for fishing. This net is usually entrapped on rocks for catching fish. But it has become a problem for underwater submarines. Also, can create trouble for big sharks wheels and other big species.

Ghost Net

Fishing Net: Choose The Perfect One To Enjoy Fishing

A Hand Fishing Net

It is not simple but the manual style of fishing practiced by inhabitants near rivers and sea. Also, this net has handles works in shallow waters.

A Lave Fishing Net

A lave net is an old sportfishing technique. Ancient Fishermen used this net in shallow-water 1000 or years before.
There are 21 types of nets. Below mentioned are other types of nets:

A lift net, mid-water trawl, plankton net, purse seine, push net, seine, surrounding, and tangle net trammel.

These have a long historical presence. The more reliable net is of Antrea.

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