Catch A Fish -

Catch A Fish

Man with his catch

If you are thinking to spend fun time with friends or family, catching a fish has no alternative in terms of fun and joy. To catch a fish provides you a connection with nature and at the same time with your loved ones.

There are ways to do fishing and for beginners, they must follow some advice before going fishing.

Chose  Well-Stocked River, Lake, Or Pond Around Your Area

Man with a catch

This is very important that you chose a good place for Because fishing you have to sit for a long time and it requires patience.

Research For The Fish Species Living In Nearby Fishing Venues

Man with his catch

 You can always gather information from, internet or local newspapers. Also, you can get help from a local fisherman. Because there could be dangerous fish or species that can bite you. Also, decide first you want to catch fish for food or just for fun. As some fish stay I  deep water and avoid a lot of movements they come to shallow areas only for food.

Best Time For Catching A Fish

Early morning around 4 to 5 am is the best time for fishing as it’s the time when fish like to eat

Fishing Rod And Reel

 For beginners, this can be confusing to find good rod and reel .7 inc stick with a medium rod will provide good balance and flexibility.  Flexible rods have fewer chances of snaping.

Small Hook

Small hook to attach lure will provide you variety of fish caught


Bait is via which you lure a fish into getting caught.


A box like a cooler or a cage with lid can help you keeping your hunt safe and work as a stool to sit on while waiting for fish.


Bobbers above your hook will help your bait to go deeper in the water.

Cast line

Pull your line back and then throw the hook forward. Hold the rod with your leading hand near the line reel.


Fishing requires patience and it’s a game that takes time. So you must be patient for this. Until you fish bite your bait. Fish are hesitant of noises so make sure you keep the silence and sit patient Let your bait work for you.

Set The Hook

When fish bite your bait and you feel the pull on the line . pull back your hook in the air same when you did while casting line .start rolling back your line. With the passage of time, you can learn the tricks.

Lift the rod in the air 45 degree .and pull the fish toward you .to control the grip lower the line again meanwhile keep rolling your reel. Repeat this until you see your fish near the surface or shore.

Make sure you keep the line tense to avoid losing your catch. Once the fish get closer to you, swoop in the water to drain out the fish. You can also take help of your partner in pulling out the fish with the help of a net and you can hold the rod in the interim.

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