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All About Fishing Tools

Fishing Accessories

Fishing is in practice since the origin of food. For fishing, multiple tools are required. Some tools have a relation with old fishing techniques. But technology has introduced advanced tools for fishing. All fishing tools are experimented and practiced in fishing. Some tool in fishing is just to recover tool that may lose in water wellbore. There is a list of tools, for example, spearssinkers,  floatsrodsluresnetsreelslines, tackle boxes, wadershooksgaffsbaits, and traps. All set of these tools called gear or rig. Besides all these tools your physical effort and techniques also considered being a tool.


A hook is a tool that is used by the ancient people. The hook has another name gorge is derived from ancient word meaning throat. Ancient people used this hook to catch fish.

The old shape of the hook was long and thin. the lure would be fixed on the hook so when the fish swallows it the angled hook will be stuck in fish; gullet.

Fishing line 

The fish-line is used for fishing. The old Fishing-line were made of plants leaves. Afterward, the material of fishing-lines changed with horsehair and silk threads. Also, later the technology brought advancement in Fishing–line. Now Fishing lines are available in cotton and nylon.


This helps the bait to sink deep in water long distance, thus, the traditional sinker is made of lead. Sinker has many shapes.

Fishing Rod

A rod is an additional tool fisherman use with the hook, Fishing line, and sinker. Also, a fishing rod is a long and flexible pole used by ancient people of Greece, Egypt, Room, and china. The fishing rod is also one of the traditional tools.

Fishing Reel

A fishing reel is used with a rod. The fishing reel is also used with cross-bows and transoms.

Natural Bait

The lure or bait is a common tool in fishing gear. Different prey species use as an attachment on the hook. Moreover, natural baits or lure can be used alive or dead .natural baits can be baitfish, minnows, frogs, salamanders, nightcrawlers, worms or leeches. Natural lure provides lifelike odor color as well as texture which helps you in catching fish easily. 

Artificial Baits

Fishing Bait

 An artificial lure is also used in fishing.

Bite Indicator

Bite indicator is also called strike indicator .this indicator is basically a device that indicates when fish get caught with the hook. Many types of indicators are available in the market


Spear-fishing is an old method of fishing, as well as this tool, is a long rod attached with a spear.


Type of spears which have a barb at the end. And this pear type used in Paleolithic times. These spears also called gigs and ancient people used this spear for fishing.

Fishing Nets

Fishing Net and Rod

Fishing nets are thin knotted thread nets used for fishing. Also, they are made of different materials like cotton, silk, nylon and more.

Fishing Traps

Fishing traps are used by local fishermen. There are different designs of traps. Also, people invented according to their convenience and requirements and there are 2 basic types of traps permanent and semi-permanent.

Fish Stringer   

A fish stringer is a line of chain or cord. Its has angler which can thread caught fish will keep fish alive in the water, thus, this Stringer helps you in dragging landing big heavy fish.

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