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All About Fishing Reels

Fishing Gears

Ask any fisherman, new or seasoned, what their most prized fishing possession is, there is a good chance it will be their Fishing reel. They are not only good to look at and have great functionality but the entire experience of owning and using a fishing reel makes fishing the exuberant experience it is.

A fishing reel is a mechanical device attached to the fishing rod. It is what stores the large amounts of fishing line attached to a rod. It was invented in Song Dynasty China. This device is what allows you to cast your bait/lure at great distances. They also help a lot when you are retrieving the lure, fish in deeper water, etc.

If you are a newbie to fishing, it is easy to get a little overwhelmed or intimidated even with all the types of fishing gear there is. More so, when it comes to fishing reels.

Most people choose their fishing reel basis the finishing rod they have or intend to get. But choosing a fishing reel is much easier if you have the basics right. Reading a little about the main features and parts of each reel can greatly help you while choosing your reel. Knowing your specific fishing needs, the area you will be fishing at, the situation or condition of fishing will further clarify what kind of reel you should go for.

Types Of Reels

Man holding Fish with hook in lure

Let’s now take a look at the types of reels there are available in the market today:

Spincast Reel

Used very often by people new to fishing, a Spincast reel works well as it is inexpensive and simple to use. You can expect decent casting accuracy with this kind of reel and is easy to untangle. There is very little chance of any backlash. This reel is meant for small fish and so should not be used if you are looking to haul a big fish in.

Baitcasting Reel

This is a favorite for a lot of anglers. This kind of reel, designed to give you more power for great distance casting. This might not be the best choice for newcomers as it is slightly more complex and requires a little more skill.

Spinning Reel

Man Fishing in Lake

It is thought to be a very versatile reel. Not only can they be used for several kinds of target fish, but they are also inexpensive. Beginners can skip the spin-cast reel and jump to this one as it is not very complex to use. For intermediate fishermen, this makes for an excellent choice as it gives you better distance and better accuracy than a spin cast.

Now that we know about the basic types of Fishing Reels, let’s look at how to care for them.

How To Maintain A Fishing Reel?

In order to guarantee the longevity of your fishing reel, ensure that you give it a good clean after every fishing trip, be it in saltwater, brackish water or dirty freshwater. An easy way to clean it would be to give it a gentle rinse. If you are feeling extra caring towards your fishing reel, you should remove the spool and handle and oil the moving parts.

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