All About A Fishing Pole -

All About A Fishing Pole

Fishing Equipment

A fishing pole, a big stick, and an adjustable rod are used to catch fish. This pole is long and ends with a hook. The size of this varies anywhere between 2 and 18 feet.

The fishing pole, connected with a reel at the end, spun to bring up and to let out the fishing line while hunting for fish. Generally, baits are attached to the hook of this equipment to entice the fish and then catch it immediately by pulling the pole back from the water.

Earlier, this equipment developed using bamboo while the modern-day fishing poles made up from fiberglass.

Fishing poles, manufactured in many sizes, lengths, styles, and variations. The customers can choose amongst them according to their requirements like whether they will be using it to carry small fish, medium or the large one. 

Fishing Pole and Telescope shaped Reel Set Rod

Fishing Pole

This has become very easy with the use of Fishing Pole and Telescope shaped Reel Set Rod. Its package contains highly-qualitative tools such as this and a spinning wheel.

There are 5 variants available in this set, you can choose amongst them according to your desired size of the fishing rod. The coil that you get along with the package also depends on your chosen size of the rod. So, what are you waiting for? It is high time that you upgrade your fishing pole and switches to this one.


Fishing Pole
  • This Fishing Pole and Telescope shape Reel Set Rod, a great choice for fishing activities outside.
  • Made up of good quality and used easily by anyone.
  • The material of the rod made of carbon.
  • Its diameter is 2mm.
  • Shaped like a telescope and flexible and taken anywhere while travelling.
  • Different variants available in the rod are:

Full length/ Type of Reel/ Collapsed Length of the Rod/ Weight

  • 1.8 M/ 2000 Reel/ 40cm/ 118g
  • 2.1 M/ 2000 Reel/ 43cm/ 146g
  • 2.4 M/ 3000 Reel/ 45cm/ 175g
  • 2.6 M/ 3000 Reel/ 48cm/ 210g
  • 3.0 M/ 3000Reel/ 50cm/ 250g
  • Contents of the package: 1 Telescope shaped Fishing Pole and 1 Spinning Reel

What’s Different?

What makes the telescope shaped fishing pole unique is its foldable quality. The pole can be folded into many sections and thereby it becomes easy to carry it too far places. You also don’t require any large spaces to keep or carry this pole due to its adjustable quality.

Can fold it into as many sections as you feel comfortable with. This foldable feature makes this telescope shaped fishing pole a must to have. They spare you from the inability of carrying traditional heavy fishing rods that were non- adjustable or unfoldable and were used earlier.

These rods can be folded into 40cm to 50 cm and it mainly depends on their variant. You can carry this easily anywhere.

Method To Use

These fishing poles need to be assembled well before using it. You just need to extend the length of the pole as much as you want. Don’t forget to carry its reel with you and clean the rods after using them.

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